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LPZ completely understands why you need your roof repair done, pronto! When your roof leaks – whether from an unexpected storm or from some other reason – it can be major trouble for you and your family. At LPZ Plumbing Services our experienced team of friendly plumbers can assist you in fixing that nagging roof leak.

A roof leak can be costly if left for too long, especially if water leaks all over your carpet and other objects in your home. A roof leak can also be extremely dangerous if water leaks over electrical appliances or wiring in your roof. Don’t risk leaving a roof leak till its too late!

Roof leaks must be tended to as soon as they occur, and that’s why at LPZ Plumbing Services we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any roof leak repair.

Why Choose the team at LPZ for roof leak repair?

A roof leak repair requires an experienced plumber to correctly identify and rectify the root issue and source of the leak to ensure it does not come back. At LPZ Plumbing services our team are experienced in this. That’s why we have a process that allows things to go smoothly, and to put a roof back over your head as soon as possible. Our process is simple..

1. Call one of our friendly customer service staff to book a time that is convenient for you, and fits in with your busy schedule. Our operator can advise you of what you can do in the meantime to minimize the danger and damage to your home. More importantly, they can also advise you of what NOT to do.

2. Our roof leak repair experts will then come to your home and identify the source and the cause of your roof leak. This may be a difficult and dangerous task, but our experts have years of experience and receive the best training in safety standards and roof leak repair. You are not charged any call out fee for this service (unless it is after hours)

3. You will then be given a fixed price quote with no obligation and no hidden fees. We are competent enough to know what the price will be beforehand so you won’t find yourself with any nasty surprises after the work is  done. This quote will include any pensioner discounts if applicable.

4. If you agree with the quote and give the go-ahead for the project, our roof leak repair experts will then begin work on your roof.  Even if the leak is in a difficult place, our experts have the required training to fix it as efficiently and skillfully as possible.

5. A roof leak repair, depending on severity, can take between a few hours to a few days, so in the meantime we can install temporary tarpaulins that prevent any further damage to your home.

6. . If required, our roof leak repair experts can even install a whole new roof to your home, taking care to match the color scheme of your house and prevent further leaks.

7. You and you family can now enjoy having a roof back over your head again, and being safe and dry.


If you happen to find yourself in the nasty situation of a leaking roof and you require expert who will fix it for a competitive price, then call us NOW on 1300 725 905 and we will make the process go as smooth for you as possible.



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